Direct Pack, Inc. featured in Plastics Recycling Update


Direct Pack's acquisition of Direct Pack Recycling was featured in Plastics Recycling Update: U.S. plastic thermoform manufacturer Direct Pack Inc. has acquired a PET reclaimer and is now processing recovered thermoforms at a Mexico site. Direct Pack, an Azusa, Calif.-headquartered packaging producer, recently purchased Atmosphera Verda, a Guadalajara, Mexico-based reclaimer. The company’s processing facility,...

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Sun Valley Manufacturing now processing rPET from Direct Pack Recycling


Our reclaiming and recycling plant, Direct Pack Recycling (DPR) located in Guadalajara, MX., is now successfully supplying post-consumer clean washed rPET flakes to our manufacturing facility in Sun Valley, CA. This flake consists of both post-consumer recycled PET bottles and thermoforms. This is a huge step to get closer to a...

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Celebrating Earth Day with over 5.7 billion recycled bottles


Once again, Direct Pack and BOTTLEBOX® had a record year in using post-consumer recycled PET bottles in our products. In 2019, we used over 1,067,000,000 bottles! We are very grateful for having dedicated partners and customers, helping us divert more plastic than ever from landfills and oceans. The interest in...

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Over one billion bottles saved from landfills and oceans in 2019


In 2019, Direct Pack saved over one billion beverage bottles from landfills and oceans, by using them in the manufacturing of new food containers. As the number of BOTTLEBOX® containers used in the food service, supermarket, produce and processor markets is increasing, we are thankful to our partners for helping...

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