We are excited to unveil the latest addition to Direct Pack Inc.’s logistics family: our brand-new truck design! It isn’t just any truck; it serves as a vehicle for engaging the community and raising awareness about sustainability.

More Than Just a Truck

Wrapped in Direct Pack Inc.’s signature brand ambassadors, this new truck does more than transport our quality food packaging products. It also serves as a mobile billboard for our commitment to sustainability and full-circle recycling.

Efficiency, Security, and Connectivity

The new truck design prioritizes operational efficiency and robust performance to ensure quick and secure delivery of our products. But that’s not all; it also features a unique QR code that links to our “Make a Difference” page. It provides an opportunity for anyone who sees the truck to learn more about our recycling initiatives and how to properly recycle our products. By scanning the code with their smartphones, people are directed to a page filled with valuable information and guidelines on recycling. It’s an easy, immediate way for us to engage with the community and share knowledge that can lead to more sustainable practices.

A Big Thank You to Our Team

Special shoutout to the collaboration between our Design & Engineering and Logistics departments for making this new truck design a reality. We’re excited to hit the road with our new design and look forward to the opportunities it will bring in serving our clients and promoting sustainable practices.


Stay tuned for more updates from Direct Pack Inc.!