Founded in 1998, California Fish Grill has been delivering fresh, high-quality seafood to its customers for over 25 years. Now, with over 46 restaurants in California, Naveda, and Arizona, California Fish Grill serves fresh, high-quality seafood to its customers every day.  Emphasizing ocean-inspired flavors, their dedication to both taste and the environment is captured in their slogan, “So good, So responsible.

In November 2022, California Fish Grill started a journey to find a packaging partner that could bring their sustainability vision to life. That’s when they teamed up with Direct Pack, sharing a passion for sustainability and exceptional performance.

Our collaborative effort involved our Sales, Design & Engineering, and Demand Planning teams, swiftly moving from concept to prototype, and to the production of the final products. This partnership allowed us to create designs that exceeded expectations. Notably, our final products featured 3D fish embossing, representing the brand’s seafood heritage and enhancing the sensory experience for customers.

More importantly, these products are made with recycled content and are fully recyclable, marking a significant stride towards sustainability. This collaboration showcases how aesthetics, brand storytelling, and environmental responsibility can seamlessly blend in packaging, fostering meaningful customer engagement and promoting sustainable practices within the restaurant industry.

The success of this project sets the stage for future collaborations, promising innovative and sustainable packaging solutions. As we continue to nurture this partnership, we look forward to enhancing the dining experience at California Fish Grill while staying committed to environmental sustainability.