Our core business is the quick turn-around of customized food packaging solutions with a strong focus on design and environmental sustainability. Our products span from functional berry containers to innovative salad bowls, all kinds of bakery and deli containers and image-building entrée take-out solutions.
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For an overview of our distributor stock items, please download our catalogs. You can also find detailed product information in our BOTTLEBOX® Shop, where you can also order our products directly from us. Many of our items are custom made. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact us for more information.


Learn about the plastic materials we work with at Direct Pack. Most of our containers are made of PET, rPET and Polypropylene, and we can make custom containers in other materials on request.

BOTTLEBOX® Colors and Prints

Direct Pack is the proud founder and brand owner of the BOTTLEBOX®, the first range of take-out containers made of post-consumer recycled PET bottles. Traditionally, take-out containers have been clear or black, with very few options in between. Realizing the power of colors and how it affects people, we have developed our own color range. Together with Textile Designer Kerry Cassill, we have also developed a range of printed containers.