Industry Expertise

At Direct Pack we are passionate about packaging for all kinds of food applications. We have many years of experience working with thermoformed food packaging in the Food Service, Supermarket, Processor and Produce industries. We understand that each industry has its own challenges, and it is our goal to understand your specific needs in order to find the best solution for you. To learn more about what we can do for your, choose your industry by clicking on a picture below:

Food Service

Direct Pack Inc - Market - Food Service - food packaging


Direct Pack Inc - Market - Supermarkets - food packaging


Direct Pack Inc - Market - Produce Raspberry container - food packaging


Direct Pack Inc - Market - Processor - hummus container - food packaging

Direct Pack Recycling

Direct Pack Recycling is our own recycling and reclaiming facility, where we can reclaim both post-consumer PET bottles and mixed PET thermoformed containers. Once they have been through the process, we turn them into new packaging again. With capacity to recycle 20,000 tons of PET plastic per year, it allows us to move closer to a full circle manufacturing process.

Learn more about the process and see examples of what we find in the thermoformed packaging bales.

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Delta Technology

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We know speed-to-market can be everything. Vertically integrating tool building into DPI’s business model results in getting finished product to our customers faster, without having to “get in line” using a third-party tool shop.

Delta Technology has been providing custom tooling solutions to the thermoformed food packaging industry for over 25 years. Acquired by our parent company PMC Global in 2016, Delta now provides these same precision tooling services to the PMC family of companies.

Since tool building is the life blood of every thermoformer, this vertical integration keeps fueling Direct Pack’s growth year after year. Learn more about Delta.