At Direct Pack, we currently use both virgin PET and post-consumer recycled PET (rPET) in our manufacturing, often depending on our customers’ wishes and needs. Virgin PET is cheaper, but it forces us to place new plastic into an already burdened system. Our goal is to work closely with each of our customers and partners, and look at how recovery and renewal opportunities can influence business models. Our goal is that by 2028 we can:

#1. Expand our full circle business model and the number of reclaiming facilities. Ensure that we are recycling our full capacity of PET thermoformed packaging, so we can use the material over and over again.

#2. Migrate all our customers’ packaging for cold food to the highest rPET mix possible.

#3. Develop a reclaiming process for post-consumer recycled PP, and include rPP material in our hot food containers.

Want to learn more about how we can do this together? Read more about Direct Pack Recycling.

DPI North America Platform

Full Circularity

  • With valuable infinite resources in mind, where others only see the end of life for a package – we see the beginning of a fresh exciting product cycle.
  • DPR = EPR. We are fully supportive of Extended Produce Responsibility principles, and we are already on the forefront with our own Direct Pack Recycling facilities.
  • We need you! Together we have 5 years to ready the system and rework business models. It’s going to be a joint win for you, us, and for future generations. Please contact us for a discussion about how we can do this together.
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