Product Groups

We design and manufacture innovative thermoformed packaging solutions for all food applications. Here are examples of the different products we have in our wide range. We do not limit ourselves to certain product groups. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will help you find – or develop – the optimal solution for your business.

BOTTLEBOX 6x8 Tangerine hinged

BOTTLEBOX ® One-piece Hinged

Functionality and color for grab and go.

Our popular one-piece BOTTLEBOX ® containers come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are perfect for anything from sandwiches and snacks to salads and complete meals.

BOTTLEBOX ® Salad & Sandwich

Trendy and sustainable presentation

Our signature two piece BOTTLEBOX® containers are available in multiple sizes and colors. Serve in the restaurant without a lid, or add a lid to go!

BOTTLEBOX Two piece sandwich lime green
Two piece sandwich lime green
Two piece sandwich White
Hot Food microwavable container
Hot Food microwavable container and lid
Hamburger Microwavable container and lid
Microwavable container - Snack box

BOTTLEBOX® Entrée & Hot Food

Perfect for take out and delivery

Our entrée containers are made of the BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 5 polypropylene which is suitable for both hot and cold food. Polypropylene lids and bases can be used under heat lamps and in the microwave. BOTTLEBOX® lids are also available.

BOTTLEBOX® Salad & Fruit Bowls

Fresh and sustainable to go

Ranging in size from 8 Fl oz. to 48 Fl oz., these rose bowls and square bowls are a great way to add a cohesive look to any display and show off your fresh ingredients.

BOTTLEBOX Rose Bowl with salad
BOTTLEBOX Rose Bowl with fruit salad
BOTTLEBOX Deli - four compartment snack box
Direct Pack Inc - Product Group - Deli 2
Direct Pack Inc - Product Group - Deli 3
Direct Pack Inc - Product Group - Deli 4

BOTTLEBOX® Deli Containers

sustainable snack and deli packaging

BOTTLEBOX® deli containers are great for all kinds of snacks as they come a variety of sizes and compartments.

Bakery Containers

bakery packaging

From cupcakes and cookies to cakes and cake slices, we offer a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate all your delectable treats.

Direct Pack Inc - Product Group - Product Bakery
BOTTLE Cheesecake container
BOTTLEBOX Single Cupcake containers
BOTTLEBOX Hot Catering Close up

Catering Trays

Perfect for catering events and family meals

Our catering range features both a clear Direct Pack Inc - BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 1 BOTTLEBOX base for cold food and black Direct Pack Inc - BOTTLEBOX - Recycle Icon 1 polypropylene base for hot food.

Produce Containers

Custom Containers Bring Retail Value

Our innovative produce packaging includes everything from bold geometry in leafy green salad products, strawberry containers in different sizes to cutting edge innovation on our “shaker” products. Colored lids or bases add freshness and increase the merchandising value.

Direct Pack - Produce - Raspberry container
Stack of hummus container - processor packaging

Processor Containers

Custom Containers for pre-packed food

When working with automatic indexing, filling and lidding, you need packaging with the highest level of engineering and consistent quality. Streamlined with equipment companies, we work with customers that have very specific needs for high speed automation. We market many different sizes of hummus, salsa, cheese, dip, and snack packaging.