Joins Napcor

At Direct Pack Inc. we are proud to announce that NAPCOR’s Executive Committee has unanimously approved the application of Direct Pack, Inc. for membership effective January 1, 2013. The National Association for PET Container Resources, NAPCOR, is recognized as the authoritative voice of the PET packaging industry and the expert on PET recycling and sustainability.

Representing the industry in legislative forums, NAPCOR is providing expertise in complying with new legislation. Direct Pack and our customers will benefit directly from their expertise in implementing the changes in AB837, which requires all plastic packaging manufacturers who claim to be using recycled content, to provide proof of the same.

Being the only organization in the country that has experience in thermoform recovery, NAPCOR may also be a stakeholder in Direct Pack’s PET thermoform recovery pilot. NAPCOR can provide technical advice on separation of PET thermoformed packaging from curbside recycling streams, and technical advice to our recyclers on how to run it through their bottle lines. With NAPCOR as a stakeholder in our pilot, we can utilize their experience from running similar pilots on the East coast.