Participating in the Great LA River Cleanup 2021 hosted by FoLAR
Removing pieces of polystyrene plastic at the river cleanup

We are honored and excited to be a sponsor of the Great LA River Cleanup, hosted by FoLAR, Friends of the LA River. Participating in this event means a great deal to our employees, and is an important part of our Green Together initiative.

Saturday June 5th, we set out with a Direct Pack team of 40 people to pick up trash along the river at the Sepulveda Basin location. The river cleanup was a great opportunity to give back to our community and also to educate our friends and neighbors about how important it is to recycle and keep trash out of nature.

At Direct Pack, we are committed to reducing the number of plastic bottles and clamshells out of the ocean and landfills with our vertical integration platform. By operating Direct Pack Recycling, our recycling and reclaiming facility, and building strong relationships with North American Material Recovery Facilities, we have the capacity of recycling 20,000 tons of PET plastic per year and repurpose them into brand new, food-safe take-out containers.