Green Together is our proactive sustainability platform that aligns our values and business strategy. Our commitment to sustainable practices includes our people, improves our operations, evolves our products, and focuses on long-term term partnerships with our customers.
Our Green Together Report for 2021 shares some of our achievements from the past year and outlines ideas for the future. It is a comprehensive document to share with the customers to illustrate what we are doing internally and externally to improve sustainability.

This Green Together Report is broken down into 5 sections:

The Big Picture

We have included a summary illustrating the environmental impact of producing the BOTTLEBOX® since 2011 and explaining the full circle manufacturing process from recycling and reclaiming post-consumer recycled PET bottles and containers into brand-new food-safe packaging. We have also added info-grams and videos to explain the benefits and the process.

It focuses on Long Term Customer Relationships

Our customer partners are a key component of our Green Together initiative. We have successfully encouraged one of our long-term produce customer partners to increase their rPET percentage. In addition, we have launched educational videos to help them communicate the important message of recycling and PET as an infinite resource.

It evolves our products

As improving sustainability is one of our core values, it is important for us, as a manufacturer, to increase the rPET usage in our production and drive the demand for recycling PP (polypropylene). We are also working on defining alternative, affordable colorants to replace carbon black.

It improves our operations

We have several projects focused on improving our operations by increasing efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. One of the projects is to develop a reusable PP c0rner board made from in-house recycled PET and PP, allowing us to fully utilize all materials going through our wash lines and reduce the corner board usage by 10%.

It involves our team members

Lastly, despite the extraordinary challenges caused by the pandemic, our team members have come together to service our customers as well as improve our processes and set the framework for the new initiative 2022.