Did you know that Nov 15th is America Recycles Day?

It is a national event recognized by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to promote the importance and impact of recycling in our environment. But recycling isn’t a one-off, one-day thing. It’s an attitude and a lifestyle. Using products made of reused and recycled material, and recycle everything responsibly, is one of the best ways to support a more sustainable environment. Properly recycled and reclaimed, we see #1 PET plastic as an infinite resource. But how does it work?

Please let us introduce to you our DPR ambassadors, who will take you through the entire process.

America Recycles Day - Direct Pack Beyond Bottles Recycling

In the video below, they will take us on their recycling journey from being disposed of in the blue bin to becoming a brand new packaging.

Direct Pack Beyond Bottles Recycling

Furthermore, including recycling in our lifestyle is easy! To make the recycling journey possible, we should recycle everywhere we go, buy products made of recycled content, and educate our friends and family about the importance of recycling. If you would like more information on how and where to recycle in your local areas, please visit Earth911.com.