Green Together

Green Together is our proactive sustainability platform that aligns with our values and business strategy – positively impacting generations to come.

Download our Green Together Sustainability Report where we share information about our actions and achievements in 2023 and outline new steps for the future.

Green Together - Sustainability Platform


Already in 2008, we launched our unique BOTTLEBOX® products. Pioneering post-consumer recycled PET (rPET) packaging, BOTTLEBOX® is the strongest brand in sustainable food packaging today.

Watch our BOTTLEBOX® and Sustainability video and learn how many bottles we’ve saved from landfills and the ocean.

Recycling and sustainability

Direct Pack Characters

When recycled, PET can be an infinite resource. Did you know that food packaging like salad, strawberry and egg containers made of PET and rPET can be recycled just like PET soda and water bottles can? We made a video to explain the process in more detail. Watch our Beyond Bottles Recycling video.

Our ambition is to recover all the used PET packaging we can, and turn it into new packaging again. Learn more about our approach to Recycling and Sustainability.

Walking the talk

Across our Direct Pack facilities and departments, we are integrating sustainability into our everyday practices. See how we walk our talk every day.

LA River Cleanup
BOTTLEBOX used containers from PET bales

2028 Vision

We have big sustainability ambitions for our company, partners and products.

Learn more about our 2028 vision.



We are dedicated to helping the community and charities by providing food containers for meals service. We are expanding donations to multiple charities in the local markets we serve.

If you know any churches or charities needing take-out containers, please reach out to us here. We would love to help!