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BOTTLEBOX ® Product Catalog

Make a lasting impression with your customers by serving in our sustainable and colorful BOTTLEBOX ® containers. BOTTLEBOX ® are made of post-consumer recycled PET beverage bottles and can be recycled again. Microwavable containers also available.

You can download the Product Catalog for a complete range of BOTTLEBOX® items.

Direct Pack - Product Catalog - BOTTLEBOX
Direct Pack - BOTTLEBOX - Bakery & Deli Catalog

Bakery and Deli Catalog

With a wide range of high quality bakery packaging, we offer a variety of sizes and shapes to accomodate all your delectable treats to upscale your bakery and deli department.

All products are made of PET unless otherwise stated.

Here you can download the catalog for a complete range of Bakery and Deli items.

BOTTLEBOX Grab and Go Flyer

Grab and Go

BOTTLEBOX - Direct Pack - Rose Bowl Flyer

Rose Bowl

Direct Pack - Value Entree Container Flyer

Value Entrée Container

BOTTLEBOX - Direct Pack -Hot Food Flyer

Entrée and Hot Food

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Direct Pack Inc - BOTTLEBOX - Infogram


We offer a customizable BOTTLEBOX® info-gram to be displayed in store or online to help explain why BOTTLEBOX® containers are more sustainable compared to other packaging.

Here you can download the BOTTLEBOX® info-gram online.

Table Tents

We offer a customizable table tent to be displayed on your table or counter to spread the sustainability message around the BOTTLEBOX® containers to your guests.

Direct Pack Inc - BOTTLEBOX Tabletopper Mock Up