A new video featuring Direct Pack’s animated “ambassadors” and live footage from the Direct Pack Recycling facility explains the full circle process in a fun and easy-to-understand way. The purpose of the video is to explain that PET thermoformed packaging can be recycled just like PET water bottles, and show how DPI turns it back into brand-new, food-safe packaging.

At DPI, we are highly committed to improving sustainability and further developing our full circle business model. Not only have we been using recycled PET bottles in our manufacturing for over 14 years – we are unique in the industry in driving relationships with both MRFs (Material Recovery Facilities), customer partners and technical partners in order to increase recycling and reclaiming of PET packaging.

As plastic recycling still is very confusing to consumers, we have created our own animated ambassadors to help inform the public in an easy way. Some of the main messages are these:

Our PET containers are NOT trash!

They are 100% recyclable just like PET bottles.

Make a difference by recycling ALL your PET packaging.

In our full circle manufacturing process, we use post-consumer recycled PET bottles and thermoformed packaging and repurpose them into brand new food-safe packaging.

We receive bales of post-consumer PET bottles and thermoformed packaging from our North American Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). The PET bottles and thermoformed packaging will be sorted, washed, and flaked into recycled PET material. Then the PET material goes to one of our thermoforming facilities to be turned into new strawberry, lettuce, salad, or take-out containers. To be a part of this full-circle recycling process, please remember to recycle all your PET packaging.