About Us

Your Innovation Partner

As a leader in sustainable, customized and innovative thermoformed food packaging, our passion is to truly understand your needs and translate them into outstanding design solutions and rewarding business models. Our purpose is to inspire you to explore the limitless possibilities there are in developing great packaging solutions and to support you to invest in the right fit for you. That results in our ultimate vision: to celebrate the successes of our partnership together. To reach that goal, four core values guide us in everything we do, guaranteeing we give you the very best experience and packaging solution possible. We are grounded in:

  • Inspiring Innovation. We always strive to provide identifiable value - we’re artistic and passionate about what we do. Our solutions are new and fresh.
  • Improving Sustainability. We are continuously refining our processes. We respect people and the planet and take our responsibility seriously.
  • Caring Relationships. It means listening to and understanding the needs of our customers and our internal teams. We are committed, collaborative and aim to be an invaluable partner.
  • Outstanding Performance. We are solutions based and agile, while always producing the highest quality on time.

Since our 2006 founding in Sun Valley, CA, our experts have designed some of the most innovative packaging in the market today; ensuring that there is always a strong focus on visual aesthetic, functionality and environ-mental sustainability. We are very proud of our team and of the deep customer relationships that we’ve built.

Direct Pack, Inc. is a subsidiary of PMC Global, Inc., a dynamic group of companies that specialize in many different fields and is committed to the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes Direct Pack and our employees. With their support we are able to focus our attention on the development of great products and on our customers' success.


What drives value to our partners?

At Direct Pack, we drive value to our customers and partner in many different ways.

  • We demonstrate product innovation with our in-house design team and tool building.
  • We offer sustainable packaging solutions, customization and color.
  • We have a global manufacturing platform with vertical integration.
  • Our fast and responsive management structure makes us very agile and flexible.
Toolbuilding for thermoforming

Delta Technology - a link in our vertical integration

Delta Technology has been providing custom tooling solutions to the thermoformed food packaging industry for over 25 years. Acquired by PMC Global in 2016, Delta now provides these same precision tooling services to the PMC family of companies, including Direct Pack, Inc.

Vertically integrating tool building into DPI’s business model results in finished product brought to our customers faster, without having to “get in line” using a third-party tool shop. Knowing that tool building is the life blood of every thermoformer, the Delta acquisition will fuel DPI’s continued growth for years to come. Learn more about Delta.