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Supermarket bakery and deli packaging often tends to be bulky and excessive. Our innovative designs boast sleek, clean lines that will optimize space and allow consumers to clearly see your products. We have been involved in many of the most successful retail packaging programs in the market today. Whether you are a large supermarket chain or a small deli, our innovative designs will entice your customers. Great packaging will increase sales and the perceived value at the retail level.

If we don’t have the perfect packaging solution in our stock range already, we will be happy to create custom containers for you. Learn more about customization.

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We understand your needs

Our experienced team develops successful packaging and merchandising solutions for all fresh departments in a supermarket.

We know there are many parameters involved in choosing the perfect packaging: from functionality in operations (portion control, lid application, pre-pack and storing) to merchandising, space optimization and creating impulse buys. You also want to create an outstanding consumer experience all the way to the consumer’s home – and add the increasingly important factor of sustainability. Please check out our stock range in our catalogs, or contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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Unique packaging for cakes and catering

PyraPak is a complete family of upscale bakery packaging and catering platters. Inspired by the geometry of ancient masterpieces – the pyramids – this elegant packaging will show off your creations in the best way. With its sleek, crystal clear lids without any distracting ribbing, the color and freshness of your food is allowed to take center stage. Please check out our Bakery Catalog or BOTTLEBOX® shop for an entire range of products.

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BOTTLEBOX® Bakery solves all your packaging needs

Create a uniform look with the BOTTLEBOX® Bakery range of containers. Available in sizes ranging from 5×5″ to 11×11″ and 13×6″, these bakery containers will help freshen up your bakery displays. And, your customers will appreciate the ready-to-serve functionality. Please check out our Bakery Catalog or BOTTLEBOX® shop for an entire range of products.

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