We know being green and sustainable isn’t a one and done situation. It’s something we have to commit to everyday. Beside investing a lot of time and resources in our recycling facilities, building MRF relationships, and in Design & Engineering to provide the most sustainable packaging we can, we have created internal Green Together teams in our facilities.

Green Together - Sustainability Platform

To keep us accountable we coordinate and report on activities, and measure results across several categories, such as:

  • Our own recycling practices
  • Energy efficiency
  • Our team’s carbon footprint
Direct Pack Inc - Walking The Talk - Image 1

Education and being hands-on is really important to us. We support these programs by providing volunteer hours to actively make a difference.

  • In April 2019, Direct Pack contributed with 127 participants and was the single largest group of volunteers participating in the yearly LA River Cleanup. For 30 years, FoLAR have organized cleanups of the Los Angeles River and protected our waterways and oceans from trash and refuse. In 2019 they mobilized 6,000 volunteers and removed 100 tons of trash at 11 different locations. In September 2019 Direct Pack employees and families also participated in the International Coastal Cleanup. As a strong advocate of all kinds of recycling, we are committed to keeping the oceans free of plastic and trash, and contributing to a more sustainable environment in any way we can.
  • In 2020, the situation with COVID prohibits us to gather as one large group. We are still supporting the LA River Cleanup, conducting clean-ups in smaller teams during the month of October.