We were honored to attend Climate Week NYC 2020, as a part of the panel session “Cultivating Sustainable Practices for Food and beverage.” Climate Week NYC is the biggest climate summit taking place across New York City and virtually around the world to host hundreds of events and showcase amazing climate actions.


At the “Cultivating Sustainable Practices for Food and beverage” hosted by The Nest Summit, the food industry influencers and leaders had a chance to discuss important changes in the food system, reducing food waste, supporting local farms, leveraging the supply chain, and sourcing sustainability. For more information, you can join the virtual conversation here.


As Direct Pack, Inc. is known for our sustainability commitment through the BOTTLEBOX®, we would also like to share our successes in recycling PET beverage bottles and thermoforms in our manufacturing process, taking steps towards a closed-loop recycling system. Watch our President Craig Snedden and our animated “ambassadors” take you through the recycling process below.