Direct Pack Thermoforming

In its first AIB International audit, Direct Pack’s factory in Rockingham, NC. received a score of 905 points, which is 90.5%. Rockingham is Direct Pack’s newest manufacturing facility and has been operational since spring 2017. The auditor was impressed by the cleanliness of the plant, and commented that we were scoring better than many other facilities that have been running for 20 years.

At Direct Pack we are committed to excellence and to ensuring that we meet the highest standards in all aspects of our business.  We want all of our customers to feel secure in their decision to work with us and know that everything we do is done to the highest of standards. We extend our congratulations to all of the Rockingham Operations and Production team members, as well as Quality assurance.

American Institute of Baking (AIB) is a pioneer and leader in food safety auditing and education. The AIB inspection is conducted according to the AIB International Consolidated Standards. The Standards consist of five categories for inspection, with each category being worth 200 points. A passing score is 700 and above. The five Categories for Inspection are:

  • Operational Methods and Personnel Practices
  • Maintenance for Food Safety
  • Cleaning Practices
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Adequacy of Prerequisite Programs and Food Safety Programs