Make it your own

At Direct Pack, Inc. we live and breathe innovation and design. Being Passionate about Packaging inspires us to work closely with our customers and come up with great new solutions. Besides our wide range of stock products, we specialize in customization. If we don't have the perfect packaging solution for you in our assortment already, we'll be happy to make it for you.

Custom embossing

Emboss your logo or message on the lid - or on the base! That way, your guests will bring not only your food but also your brand all the way to their home. Logo embossing is available for a minimum of 800,000 pieces per year. 

Custom color or print

Select your own color or print that matches your brand. We can match all colors and do prints with random designs. Minimums apply.

Custom shape

Work with our innovative team to create packaging with the exact measurements, ounce capacity and functionality you need. We have lots of examples of successful custom designs and are looking forward to helping you get exactly what you need. Minimums apply.