About Us

DPI management team

Passionate about Packaging

Welcome to Direct Pack, Inc. We are a leader in customized and innovative thermoformed packaging for all food applications. Our passion is to truly understand your needs and translate them into outstanding packaging solutions with a strong focus on both visual design, functionality and environmental sustain-ability. Our experts have many years of hands-on experience in the industry, and have designed some of the most innovative packaging in the market today. So you can understand why we are very proud of our team.

Our company was founded by a small team in 2006 in Sun Valley, CA. We are a subsidiary of PMC Global, Inc., a dynamic group of companies that specialize in many different fields. PMC is committed to the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes Direct Pack and our employees, and with their support we are able to focus our attention on the development of great products and on our customers.


What drives value to our partners?

At Direct Pack, we drive value to our customers and partner in many different ways. 

  • We demonstrate product innovation with our in-house design team and tool building.
  • We have a global manufacturing platform with vertical integration.
  • Our fast and responsive management structure makes us very agile and flexible.
  • We offer customization, color and sustainable packaging solutions
Toolbuilding for thermoforming

Delta Technology - a link in our vertical integration

Delta Technology has been providing custom tooling solutions to the thermoformed food packaging industry for over 25 years. Acquired by PMC Global in 2016, Delta now provides these same precision tooling services to the PMC family of companies, including Direct Pack, Inc.

Vertically integrating tool building into DPI’s business model results in finished product brought to our customers faster, without having to “get in line” using a third party tool shop. Knowing that tool building is the life blood of every thermoformer, the Delta acquisition will fuel DPI’s continued growth for years to come. Learn more about Delta.

Core Values

Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

Our vision is to be the leader in customized and innovative thermoformed packaging for all food applications. Our mission is to truly understand our customers’ underlying needs, and to quickly translate those needs into outstanding, highly innovative solutions with a strong focus on both visual design and functionality, at an affordable price. Our team is passionate and highly creative, always collaborating to find the best solution.

Our core values collaboration, agility, integrity and artistic expression guide us so we can give our customers the very best service and packaging solutions possible. We want our customers to be satisfied and know that when they receive our products, they are receiving the very best.