As a leader in sustainable and innovative thermoformed food packaging, our mission is to translate our customers’ needs into outstanding and sustainable packaging solutions. With our vertical integration and full circle business model, we design innovative brand-enhancing products, manufacture thermoformed packaging, and recycle and reclaim used PET packaging – all in-house!

We repurpose post-consumer recycled PET bottles and thermoformed packaging into brand new food containers. When we recycle PET plastic, it is truly an infinite resource. And it reduces the need to use new PET material to meet the demand for food packaging.

In our full-circle process, the reclaiming journey starts at Direct Pack Recycling (DPR), our reclaiming and recycling center that has the capacity of recycling up to 20,000 tons of PET plastic each year. We receive bales of post-consumer PET bottles and thermoformed packaging from our North American Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs). The PET bottles and thermoformed packaging will be sorted, washed, and flaked into recycled PET material. Then the PET material goes to one of our thermoforming facilities to be turned into new strawberry, lettuce, salad, or take-out containers. In addition, to make the packaging 100% recyclable, we recommend using wash-away BOPP labels, which easily and fully separate from the packaging in the float and sink process.

Please become part of this important cycle and help us get all our packaging back! Recycle all your PET packaging. Just look for the number 1!