Customization Process

At Direct Pack we make thermoformed packaging solutions for all food applications. If we don’t have the perfect packaging solution for you in our assortment already, we’ll be happy to make it for you. You can personalize your packaging in several ways: emboss your logo on the lid, select a color that matches you brand or let us create a packaging with the exact look, measurements and functionality you need. We follow a proven process in order to make your tailor made packaging solution come alive as soon as possible. It includes the following phases:

Design & Engineering

1. Design & Engineering

Contact us with your design ideas, prototype, concept or challenge. Then meet with one of our specialists in your industry and discuss custom solutions. You can even send us a prototype or your current product and let us do the rest.


2. Prototyping

Sustainability in packaging starts with engineering. In this process we utilize the least amount of material, yielding the strongest results. We provide production quality prototypes for your testing and development needs; we guarantee that there will be no surprises when rolling out your new products.


3. Tooling

Efficient and well-engineered tooling is one of the key elements for a high quality thermoformed part. Direct Pack, Inc. is vertically integrated with Delta Technology, and have two tooling shops for optimized mold manufacturing and for a quick turn-around on all production molds.


4. Testing

We support production quality testing of each product prior to manufacturing, eliminating all of the guess work. This also means that you can present your customer with production ready packaging for review.



5. Manufacturing

Quality materials combined with state of the art equipment and a well executed thermoforming process, allow us to deliver the highest level of quality products to our customers. Direct Pack Inc. has both domestic and international manufacturing plants that allow for flexibility when meeting our customers' needs.

Post-production labeling

6. Post-production labeling

Our customers have realized tremendous savings in time and labor by utilizing DPI's post-production label and utensil application value added service.

Forecasting, Warehousing and Distribution

7. Forecasting, warehousing and distribution

DPI has an exceptional logistics team to help with trucking, transportation and warehousing needs. Our warehouse and distribution facilities throughout the U.S are wholly owned and staffed by DPI/PMC Global employees. We use our own fleet of trucks, as well as common carriers to ensure dock coordination and on-time delivery products.