Colored Grape containers with handle

Our design philosophy

At Direct Pack, Inc. we live and breathe innovation and design. Being passionate about packaging inspires us to work closely with our customers and come up with new great solutions.

From the first inspiration to the last prototype, our goal is to create packaging that is highly functional and has great visual appearance. We work closely with our customers and gain insight from consumers, so that we can provide innovative solutions based on those needs.

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DPI Patents

Innovative design

Our passionate and knowledgeable design and engineering team creates many new designs every year and we hold patents to all of those unique designs. Our designs and concept solutions have also won us many awards. We are excited about new possibilities and by stretching the limits of our expertise and imagination.

From idea to finished product

We get inspiration to design new products and features from many different sources. Making the vision come true demands a systematic approach while still keeping an open mindset. We are always looking for the optimal solution!

From Idea To Product
Measuring product specifications

Inspiration can come from anything, whether it’s leaves on a tree or a customer with a challenge. Whatever the inspiration, our goal is to create packaging that is innovative, practical, and meets our customers’ needs. After being inspired, we work closely with our customers so that we can fully understand exactly what they are looking for. We brainstorm and collaborate to come up with rough concepts to meet their requirements. Our next step is to finalize all the minute details, such as the color and how many ounces the container will hold. After all the calculations are done, a detailed 2-D image is presented to the customer for approval, and upon approval, the first prototypes are created.

Innvative egg trays in custom colors
Cheesecake container
Blueberry container