Food Service

Foodservice expertise

From full service restaurants and fast casual chains to contract feeders and neighborhood cafés – your take-out packaging plays a key role in how your food and brand are perceived by the consumer.

Our food service packaging experts have in-depth knowledge of optimizing packaging for all types of food. We have over 40 years of food service experience and provide packaging to many top restaurants and restaurant chains in North America.

Together with you, we will undertake an analysis of your current packaging situation along with an operations analysis that will point you in the direction of a successful packaging program. If we don't have the perfect packaging solution in our stock range already, we will be happy to create customized containers for you. Learn more about customization.

Chef working with black 3 compartment BOTTLEBOX containers

We understand your needs

There are many parameters involved in choosing the perfect take-out packaging. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

  • Packaging specifications
    • Size and compartments
    • Heat requirements and venting
    • Material and Sustainability
  • Functionality in operations:
    • De-nesting
    • Portion Control
    • Pre-pack and storing
  • Design and Branding
    • Merchandising and successful take-out programs
    • Providing an outstanding consumer experience all the way to their home
Take-out packaging over the counter