Direct Pack, Inc. (DPI), a leader in sustainable, full circular, thermoformed plastic packaging, announced today that it is expanding its Rockingham, N.C. manufacturing capabilities with help from a $400,000 Rural Building Reuse Grant from the state of N.C. Department of Commerce. DPI has added 56,000 sq. ft. of space and flexible manufacturing lines, and increased its workforce by 50 percent since last fall.

Rockingham Manufacturing Facility overview
Rockingham Manufacturing Facility Overview 2

The expanded Rockingham facility has allowed DPI to increase its manufacturing capacity by over 40 percent, to meet the heightened demand for food packaging. The additional resources have allowed DPI to evolve to a 24/7 operation, and plans are firmly in place to bring additional equipment and precision tooling online in the second half of 2021.

“Expanding our manufacturing operations in Rockingham is an important part of our continued business growth. The additional production capacity will allow us to provide our expanding customer base the highest-quality packaging needed to deliver their products to consumers,” said Craig Griffith, General Manager of Direct Pack East. “We are immensely grateful for the ongoing support from North Carolina Department of Commerce and the City of Rockingham. Both have worked hand in hand with us to add new jobs to the region.”

DPI’s Rockingham facility opened its doors in 2017, now employs 125 people, and produces a variety of food packaging containers – everything from salad bowls to custom packaging for hot and cold fresh food applications.

“Richmond County and the city of Rockingham are fortunate to have Direct Pack in our community and we were eager to support their growth” said Martie. Butler, Richmond County Administration Management Analyst/Economic Developer. “Investing in the expansion of our local businesses, like Direct Pack, will pay tremendous dividends for our citizens by immediately creating much needed jobs and lead to opportunities in the future for further expansion.”