El Pollo Loco 9x9 PP Combo Packaging - Food container
Packaging - Food container

At Direct Pack, we thrive on building long-lasting partnerships with our customers to develop packaging that fits their needs. When it was time for El Pollo Loco to transition away from Styrofoam, we worked closely with our long-term partner to develop a range of packaging that was more suitable for their famous fire-grilled chicken.

Together with El Pollo Loco, we innovated a more sturdy container partially made of recycled materials.  These new containers are more sturdy and keep the food hotter, improving the overall eating experience.

We are proud of what our teams have achieved together. These new containers will remove 1.9 million cubic feet of Styrofoam — the equivalent of 21 Olympic-size swimming pools — from the national waste stream annually, and all clear El Pollo Loco lids can be recycled just like PET bottles.

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