Modular and Colorful

Direct Pack, Inc. Introduces a Variety of Bright Colors to Their New Modular Parfait and Snack Cup

AZUSA, CA ( Mar 5, 2012) – It’s all about flexibility as Direct Pack, Inc. introduces a brand new modular Parfait and Snack Cup, which can easily be configured in one, two or three separate compartments and comes with a wide selection of colored lids. As the “food-on-the-go” category grows, the need for new snack combinations — and consumer friendly ways to package them — is on the rise. This cup is versatile enough for everything from classic yoghurt parfaits to fancy new snack mixes, and the different compartments will keep the contents at their freshest, staying separated until the consumer is ready to mix them.

Adding to the versatility, the lid comes in 10 amazing colors such as ocean blue, mint green, lavender and sunflower yellow. These bright colors will not only make the contents pop, but will stand out on any store shelf and facilitate impulse buys. Fresh content, new combinations and bright colors will attract the consumers and tempt them to buy more!

“What’s great is that it is modular, so can be used in many different ways. It can be used to hold fresh fruit, granola, nuts, or whatever the customer would like. The colored lid can be used as the top, or the dome lid can be added, there’s a wide variety of ways people can use it,” says Laura Murphy, VP Sales & Marketing at Direct Pack, Inc. “Today’s consumer is looking for portion control and healthy, exciting snack combinations. Our three compartment cup gives you a differentiated way to show them off.”

The new Parfait and Snack Cup is perfect for the consumer on the go. The sleeker design fits perfectly into cup holders and the snap action lid make it easy for consumers to save snacks for later. The full set includes a 12 oz cup, an insert, a clear or colored flat lid and a dome lid. The colored lids can be used as tops or as inserts to divide contents in the container. The Parfait and Snack Cup again shows Direct Pack, Inc. leading the way in customized food packaging.