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We would love to celebrate Earth Day with our Green Together actions and achievements in 2020 and outline new steps for the future. Green Together is our proactive sustainability platform that aligns with both our values, and our business strategy — positively impacting generations to come. It starts with our people, improves our operations, evolves our products and focuses on long term customer relationships. It’s a call to action, a collaborative touchstone with our partners, a way to communicate and share our intentions, and measure goals. It would be hard to share our achievements in sustainability without acknowledging the strides we’ve made with the Direct Pack Recycling and the BOTTLEBOX®.

Direct Pack Recycling

DPR is an important step in our vertical integration. It allows us to move closer to a full circle recycling process. We’ve built personal relationships with North American Material Recovery Facilities to source bales of post-consumer recycled PET bottles and mixed PET thermoformed containers. By creating value for the recycled PET bales, we are driving the demand for them to invest in collecting and sorting thermoforms, thus improving the recycling infrastructure.


BOTTLEBOX® is the strongest brand in sustainable food packaging today. They are made of post-consumer recycled PET plastic, which is the most recycled plastic in the world. In 2020 alone, we used the equivalent of 2 billion recycled PET bottles.