Being on the forefront in regards to sustainable packaging, we are pleased to inform you that Direct Pack, Inc. is already in compliance with the newly amended recycling law AB837.

The new bill amends the old law from 1993, PUBLIC RESOURCES CODE SECTION 42340-42345, in regards to what a manufacturer must do if they claim to have recycled content. According to the law, plastic food packaging is still exempt from having a minimum of 25% recycled content. Focused on sustainability, Direct Pack is however going beyond the requirements of the law for the BOTTLEBOX ® containers. the BOTTLEBOX ® line of products contains up to 80% post consumer recycled PET and a minimum of 50%. The recycled layer is encapsulated between two thin layers of virgin PET, a process we call The Bottle Cap ™.

AB837 requires a manufacturer or supplier making an environmental marketing claim relating to the recycled content of a plastic food container, to maintain certain information and documentation in support of that claim.  Direct Pack has up-to date supporting documentation on file for each manufacturing location and supplier, which now may be furnished upon request.