NatureSweet is one of Direct Pack’s long term partners. We have worked closely with them for many years and they are well-known for their high quality tomatoes and for focusing on “raising them right.”

During NatureSweet’s Powerful Partnership Event in Guadalajara, Mexico this spring, Direct Pack was given the Recognition of Outstanding Innovation award. DPI was the only company from the packaging industry that was given this recognition, and it was for the outstanding track record of our ability to

  • Develop innovative products
  • Collaborate and show a sense of urgency to meet market demands
  • Facilitate open communication to create win/win solutions

NatureSweet is more than a tomato company, as they are doing a great job to improve the lives of hundreds of people and the communities where they grow and pack their tomatoes. Knowing that we are contributing with our packing and innovation to accomplish this effort, it is very inspiring and rewarding to work with them.