Direct Pack is a proud sponsor of the LA River Cleanup 2018, and all employees have been offered the opportunity to participate in the cleanup at Sepulveda Basin on April 14 in exchange for a paid day off. Many employees are inviting friends and family as well, so we are expecting to contribute with a large group of people.

Beginning in 1986 with the founding of Friends of the LA River (FoLAR), a strong effort has been made to return the LA River to a more natural state and to reduce ocean bound litter.  Through this effort, FoLAR has not only restored 50+ miles of river, but has also removed tons of debris, created a refuge for wildlife and a cleaner recreational asset for the community, and established the Source to Sea Watershed Education Program using hands-on experiences to educate the community.

As students and adults learn more about the river and what a valuable resource it is, they also learn what can be done to protect it and other watersheds that flow to the ocean.  Direct Pack shares these values of environmental stewardship, and as part of our Green Together program, DPI has become a member of FoLAR, a sponsor the 2018 LA River Cleanup, and will participate in the 2018 Cleanup.  We are excited to combine our effort to recover plastic bottles for use in our BOTTLEBOX® line of take-out containers with FoLAR’s effort to reduce ocean bound litter.