Direct Pack’s success story with post-consumer recycled PET plastic containers continues. The BOTTLEBOX® range is very popular in supermarkets and in the foodservice industry, and many growers use recycled PET containers for fresh produce. In 2016 we used a total of 17 million pounds, which is 28% more than in 2015.

Direct Pack is one of the pioneers in using recycled PET bottles for manufacturing, and since 2011, Direct Pack has diverted 2.8 billion bottles from landfill. If you would put those bottles end-to-end, the bottles would reach all the way to the moon and 3/4 of the way back! The saving in Greehouse Gas emissions is equal to taking 7,750 cars off the road. We are very grateful for our customers’ continous and growing interest in doing something good for the environment. Together we can really make a difference.