In October of 2011, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 341, requiring businesses that generate more than four cubic yards of commercial solid waste per week to implement recycling services, on and after July 1, 2012.  Direct Pack, Inc. has since begun taking steps to make sure that all of their California locations come into compliance with the new law.  Andrew Jolin, Direct Pack Inc.’s Director of Corporate Sustainability contacted the City of Azusa and waste hauler, Athens Disposal, to see how Direct Pack, Inc. could come into compliance with AB341 and was advised that they are already were. Through Athens Disposal, trash is collected and over 30 recyclable materials are recovered from Direct Pack, Inc’s trash and diverted from the landfill.  This type of waste collection and recycling program is the most environmentally sensitive because it reduces the number of trucks on our streets and helps Direct Pack, Inc. to stay environmentally responsible.