Once again, Direct Pack and BOTTLEBOX® had a record year in using post-consumer recycled PET bottles in our products. In 2019, we used over 1,067,000,000 bottles! We are very grateful for having dedicated partners and customers, helping us divert more plastic than ever from landfills and oceans. The interest in using BOTTLEBOX® containers for the foodservice, supermarket, produce, and processor markets keep increasing, and we are delighted to hear all the positive feedback we get from both customers and consumers.

This record year of using post-consumer recycled PET in our products is an increase of 7% compared to the year before. Since 2011, when we started measuring the amount of recycled plastic we use, we have used 5.7 billion bottles. Watch the BOTTLEBOX® and Sustainability video to see what that means for the environment. Most importantly, the use of BOTTLEBOX® containers have helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 180 million pounds of CO2. That is the same as taking more than 17,000 cars off the road for one year. Using recycled PET is one of the most sustainable packaging options today. Watch the BOTTLEBOX® Story and learn about the process from bottle to container.

Please don’t forget to recycle your BOTTLEBOX and other PET plastic containers! A small gesture can change everything. To learn more about recycling, please check out our information on How to Recycle.