Bagasse is biodegradable

Our bagasse containers are made of the fibrous residue remaining after sugarcane or sorghum stalks are crushed after juice extraction. They are biodegradable and a great alternative to paper and styrofoam containers.

Sugar Cane

Compost test

In 2009 we completed a compost test to validate the claims of compostability. The State of California created standards and protocol through their tests on compostable food service ware, including bagasse, at the City of Chico Municipal Compost Facility. We used the experimental protocol from these tests at Mad River Compost Facility. The results of this test validated that Direct Pack’s bagasse products are compostable.


A green alternative to Paper and Styrfoam

Choosing bagasse products over its paper and styrofoam counterparts saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and conserves water. To manufacture a styrofoam bowl produces 3 times as much CO2 as manufacturing a bagasse bowl, and requires 30 times as much water.