Product Groups

At Direct Pack we make thermoformed packaging solutions for all food applications. Below are examples of the different products we have in our wide range. We do not limit ourselves to any specific product groups. Contact us with your specific needs and we will help you find – or develop – the optimal solution.

Bajery containers


We continue to push the envelope in this category with our new PyraPak designs that have a European flare and show off the value add bakery products with class and clarity. As bakery departments continue to adjust to the changing tastes and price points, we remain the first “go to” source for quick turn custom designs and products. Muffins, cupcakes, danishes, cookies, cakes and pies – we have a good solution for you.

Supermarket Deli

Supermarket Deli

Merchandising is everything. Our deli containers are not only functional, but also have an important element of design that will enhance the look and freshness of your food and inspire impulse buys. With a broad current range and custom design capabilities, we are in lock step with retailers who want to upgrade and breathe new life into this category.

BOTTLEBOX Hinged containers


All our BOTTLEBOX® products are made of post consumer recycled PET. Our range of hinged BOTTLEBOX® containers will cover all your needs from small 6×6″ to large 9×9″ and several rectangular versions. Clear, black or colored they are perfect for your deli, to-go display or as doggy boxes. The sleek design will make your food look better than ever.

Entree containers

Entree and Take-Out

Many of the most successful restaurant chains in the country are using our elegant, functional entrée containers .We have take-out containers for every need. Made for hot or cold food our entrée containers come in a variety of shapes and depths. If you want to keep the food separated on the plate, we offer different compartments as well. Matching side containers and specialty containers complete the wide offering, that now also includes colors.

Soup and salad containers

Soup and Salad

For both Food Service and Supermarkets, our soup and salad product combinations highlight the popularity of this fast growing sector. The range includes salad and soup containers of multiple sizes and shapes. We also have modular set ups and multi-color offerings which give this category a functional and super fresh presence.

Fresh produce packaging

Fresh Produce Packaging

We are leading the industry with our award winning designs that bring incredible value at the retail level. From bold geometry in leafy green salad products, strawberry containers in different sizes to cutting edge innovation on our “shaker” products, we look forward to offering tomorrow’s products today. Colored lids or bases add freshness and increase the merchandising value.

Processor packaging

Processor Containers

Processors demand the highest level of engineering and consistent quality for ease of working with automatic indexing, filling and lidding. We are a leading “go to” company that works well with equipment companies and customers that have very specific needs for high speed automation. Here is an example of our current portfolio. Contact us with your packaging needs, and we will find a great solution for you.

Bagasse containers

Bagasse Bowls

Our bagasse bowls are made of natural renewable fibers. They are biodegradable and a great alternative to normal plastic containers. Matching them with our clear BOTTLEBOX® lids gives a sustainable solution for all kinds of food.