NatureSweet’s limited-edition winter packaging from Direct Pack

Naturesweet Glorys Holiday 2015

NatureSweet, a leading grower of branded premium tomatoes, has revealed its limited-edition seasonal packaging featuring a cheerful snowflake pattern and festive gold foil labels for Cherubs, Glorys and SunBursts products. This unique packaging is designed and manufactured by Direct Pack, Inc.

The San Antonio, TX-based company’s greenhouse-growing practices enable tomatoes to be cultivated and hand picked year-round, ensuring premium freshness and consistently superior taste even in the winter months. All NatureSweet tomatoes start with using the best seeds. From there, they are brought to the perfect climate in the company’s greenhouses. Associates coax vines from seed, graft them onto strong rootstock and cultivate vine-ripened tomatoes until they are ready to be hand picked.

Prior to being placed in NatureSweet’s iconic packaging, all tomatoes are Brix-tested for sweetness and are shipped in temperature-controlled trucks. This constant attention to detail at every stage of the growing process helps NatureSweet control quality so consumers can enjoy delicious tomatoes in December just as easily as they can in July.

“The secret to our growing success is simple,” Mike Joergensen, vice president of marketing, said in a press release. “We take great care of our tomatoes from seed to shelf. This is how we’re able to consistently offer the best-tasting tomatoes in the world, every day all year round. We hope that our consumers revel in the spirit of the season with our tomatoes gracing their tables, whether it’s set for a special family gathering or a simple meal on a cold winter night.”

The winter packaging promotion runs through Dec. 18. Colorful three-case shipper displays and mini pallet wraps sporting a festive, seasonal look will be sent to retailers ordering these tomatoes. POS cards and recipe tear pads will also be included to catch the eye and encourage shoppers to add NatureSweet tomatoes to their seasonal menus.