Kerry Cassill

Meet Designer Kerry Cassill

A California native, Kerry Cassill studied apparel design in both Seattle and Los Angeles. In 1992 she launched the Kerry Cassill and Paisley Label Collections. Kerry has been selling both her home and apparel lines nationally and internationally for over 23 years. In 1998 she opened her flagship boutique lala in Laguna Beach, CA, where she also lives. Kerry has developed all the designs for our unique range of printed take-out containers.    


Check out our range of BOTTLEBOX® prints.  

A range of cool contemporary, printed take-out containers made from recycled beverage bottles.

Boho Chic

Kerry Cassill’s Boho Chic style carries a lot of inspiration from Southern California. Her textile print designs have unpredictable and easy-to-live-with color combinations. The relaxed feel of resort and comfort show up in her aesthetics.

Kerry has developed a very strong following. Her products been featured on television shows and in movies, along with publications worldwide. Her designs are coveted among not only interior designers but numerous celebrities. To learn more, please go to



Kerry Cassill design

Textile design and take-out containers

As a design and innovation driven packaging company, we get inspiration from many different sources. In collaboration with Kerry Cassill we have created a unique range of high quality printed containers. Add some Southern California life style to your everyday!

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