Chef Clement

Chef Clement

Did you realize that great to-go food in Direct Pack’s packaging is like having your private chef at home?

We are proud to introduce our corporate chef to you: Clement Vachon from Lyon, France, the Mecca of French Cuisine. Clement  has trained and worked for top restaurants in France, Spain, England, Australia and California, US. One notable difference between Europe and the United States is the popularity of take-out food in the US.

“When I first saw Direct Pack’s packaging I was impressed by the quality and the look. I love that they come in different colors because that will make my food look even better.”

Clement is travelling the world as a working chef, and will share his advice and observations with us on a regular basis. He is currently working in Melbourne, Australia.

Chef Clement

Clement’s love for cooking

In many different ways, Clement’s family inspired him to become a chef.  From his first birthday, his grand parents always took him to a restaurant to celebrate. And when he started school, they took him to restaurants every Wednesday. Clement’s step father is very interested in cooking and his uncle/godfather is in the restaurant business. When Clement was 14, his uncle introduced him to restaurant kitchens during a spring break, and allowed him to work with the real chefs. After spending more school breaks working in the kitchen, Clement decided to get a Restaurant and Catering Baccalaureate.

However, Clement says that the best training is working in different kitchens and taking on more and more responsibility. “ I love cooking but as a young chef I thought some types of cooking were less interesting and it was not always easy for me to accept the kitchen hierarchy. But I quickly learnt that in professional cooking it takes a team to be really good.”

His cooking ambitions have taken him across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean. “I love my life”, he says.”I love training and learning at work. I learn a lot about management, too, and one day, I will have my own restaurant.”

Clements Cooking